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Axial Wirewound                         Tubular Ceramic                   Film Type        

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Radial Ceramic            Aluminum Housed                Vintage Resistors

Sub Categories
Axial Wirewound Power Resistors
Axial leaded wirewound power resistors

Leaded Tubular Ceramic Power Resistors
Leaded Tubular Power Resistors in ratings to 25 Watts

Tubular Ceramic Power Resistors
Tubular/cylindrical resistors in wattages from 10-250 watts

Square Cement "Sand" Wirewound Power Resistors
"PW" Sqare Cement/Ceramic Wirewound Power Resistors from IRC/TRW, Dale, and others.

Heatsink Encased Power Resistors
Aluminum Encased Power Resistors from Dale, RCL, Ohmite and California Resistor.

Radial Ceramic Power Resistors
Radial Lead Ceramic Power Resistors

Film Type Power Resistors
Axial and Radial Film Power Resistors

Vintage Filament and Fuse Resistors
Voltage Dropping Resistors for Filament Circuits and TV Fusible Protection Resistors
Talon Electronics stocks transistors, diodes, TV parts, ICs, capacitors, replacement parts, hardware, connectors, test equipment parts, resistors, inductors, switches, potentiometers, and crystals for the experimenter, hobbyist, and service technician.
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