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MM4003 PNP High Voltage Transistor
Motorola PNP Silicon Transistor, TO-39, 250V, complement to 2N3440
101 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
      .0047uf /  63VDC radial film box capacitor
4700pf/63VDC polyester film radial capacitor
1022 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
RB153-A Bridge Rectifier
1.5 Amp Single Phase Bridge Rectifier
790 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
10 Ampere Airpax DC Miniature Magnetic Breaker
R11-52F-10.0A-R011H 10 Ampere 32VDC Rocker Breaker
99 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
1N5993C 5.1 Volt Zener Diode - 5 Watts (4 per pack)
1N5993C Zener Diode - 4 diodes per package
22 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
TO-18 / TO-72 Transistor Heat Sink
Great for 2N2222A and 2N2907A
850 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
2N5458 N-Channel JFET
N-Channel General Purpose FET
85 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
2N5485 N-Channel RF JFET
N-Channel Junction FET
76 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
   .1uF / 250VDC MKT 1817 Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor
.1uF/250VDC radial film capacitor
3761 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
   0.22 ohms 2W Radial Wirewound Power Resistor
Radial Power Emitter Resistor, .22 ohms
495 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
VM48 400V 1A DIP Bridge Rectifier
Bridge Rectifier
278 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
   .1uf / 400VDC  Radial Metallized Polyester Box Capacitor
.1uF/400VDC Electrocube Metallized Poyester Capacitor
957 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
Talon Electronics sells a variety of electronic  parts, transistors, diodes, fuses, capacitors, resistors, test equipment parts, and inductors, for engineers and service technicians.
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