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2N5461 P-Channel JFET
P-Channel General Purpose JFET
10 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
  .12uF / 400V radial film box capacitor
.12uF/400VDC radial film capacitor
1412 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
0.05 ohm 3 Watt Vishay Axial Power Resistor
Vishay LVR3, 0.05 ohm 3 Watt 1%
402 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
  DPST 5 Ampere Pushbutton On-Off Switch Omron A2C-2A5
Omron A2C-2A5 5A On-Off Push Switch, Panel Mount
71 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
   47pf, 400V Axial Lead Polystyrene Capacitor
Axial Polystyrene Capacitor 47pf, 400V
130 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
150 ohm 12 Watts Dale Tubular Power Resistor
Leaded Tubular Resistor, 150 ohm 12 Watts
$1.90  $1.32
188 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
15 ohm 3 Watt IRC Axial Wirewound Power Resistor
IRC LAS-3 Axial Wirewound Resistor, 15 ohm 3 Watt
1199 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
2N5485 N-Channel RF JFET
N-Channel Junction FET
75 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
ENE471D-10A Metal Oxide Varistor   470V  (Pkg of 4)
FUJI ENE471D-10A MOV - Package of 4
220 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
   Tyco 3-641208-4 MTA 156 4 Pin Header (Pkg of 3)
TE Connectivity 3-641208-4 4-Pin .0.156" Header - Pack of 3
101 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
 1.0uF / 100V MKT 1822 Metallized Polyester Film Radial Box Capacitor (Pkg of 3)
1.0uF/100VDC Roederstein MKT1822 film radial box capacitor - Pack of 3
201 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
2N5459 N-Channel JFET
N-Channel General Purpose FET
7 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
SD213 N-Channel MOSFET SD213EE
Signetics N-Channel MOSFET
141 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
   24pf 1KV NPO Ceramic Disc Capacitor
RMC 24pf 5% NP0 (C0G) Ceramic Disc Capacitor
219 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
Double Turret Uninsulated Swage Terminal with Silver Plating (Pkg of 4)
USECO 1300B1 Swage-type double turret terminal - Silver plated - Pack of 4
21 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
Talon Electronics sells a variety of electronic  parts, transistors, diodes, fuses, capacitors, resistors, test equipment parts, and inductors, for engineers and service technicians.
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