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MC1496G Balanced Modulator / Demodulator Integrated Circuit
Balanced Modulator/Demodulator in a 10-pin TO-100 Metal Can
16 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
 8 Pin Saddle mount Wirewrap Octal Socket
8 Pin Octal Tube Socket
89 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
  MPF102 N-Channel RF JFET
N-Channel FET, TO-92
543 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
  .12uF / 400V radial film box capacitor
.12uF/400VDC radial film capacitor
1412 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
2 X 3  RCA Jacks - Red/White/Yellow
6 RCA Jacks - PC Mount
396 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
0.50" Long Unthreaded Nylon Round Standoff (25 per pkg)
Plastic Round Standoff .113" Inside Diameter, 25 pack
33 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
OP27E Low-Noise, Precision Operational Amplifier 8 Pin DIP
50 MHz Current Feedback Amplifier
116 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
TO-18 / TO-72 Transistor Heat Sink
Great for 2N2222A and 2N2907A
815 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
.68uF / 200V Sprague Orange Drop Polyester film capacitor
225P Series 0.68uF / 200VDC radial polyester film/foil capacitor
86 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
BNC 4 Hole Panel Jack Amphenol 31-203
Amphenol UG-290A/U 31-203 50 Ohms
66 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
   SPDT  ON-OFF-ON Miniature Toggle Switch
Alco A103SYCB Miniature Toggle Switch
24 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
        39pF Ceramic Feedthru Capacitor
500V solder-in feed-through capacitor
480 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
      MM4003 PNP High Voltage Transistor
Motorola PNP Silicon Transistor, TO-39, 250V, complement to 2N3440
30 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
 12A 250V ABC Fast-Acting Leaded Fuse
Bussmann ABC-V-12 Pigtail Fuse
1912 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
 1.0uF/250V radial film capacitor
Philips 1.0uF/250VDC radial film capacitor
204 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
Talon Electronics sells a variety of electronic  parts, transistors, diodes, fuses, capacitors, resistors, test equipment parts, and inductors, for engineers and service technicians.
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