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Fall 2018:

Dollar Deals are here!  Special savings on many items - all for just $1 each!  LOTS of bargains.

And we've added many capacitor bargains - just $1 !!

We've added 11 new values of Resistor Networks, great for those Arduino pull-up / pull down use.

We've also bargain priced much of our Tantalum capacitor stock!   Surface Mount too

We listened - you wanted hardware, and we are gradually adding more screws, nuts, and washers!

Be sure to check out our Closeout items - big savings on many items!  

We continue to add more items daily!  We've lowered prices on most circuit breakers and fuseholders! 

We display in-stock quantities on all items - no need to ask!



Talon Electronics sells a variety of electronic  parts, transistors, diodes, fuses, capacitors, resistors, test equipment parts, and inductors, for engineers and service technicians.






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