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   3 Pin Transistor Socket for TO-5 and TO-39
HH Smith 6265 3 Pin Transistor Socket
20 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

   4 Pin TO-39 Header with Kovar Cap
Gold plated Header with cap, TO-39 outline.
11 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

  3 Pin Small Inline Transistor Socket
Transistor Socket for TO-1, TO-5 and TO-18 devices
33 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

  3 Pin Small Inline Transistor Socket Molex 10-18-2031
3 pin Transistor Socket for TO-220 and other 0.100" in-line devices
Out of Stock

  8 Pin Socket for TO-99 ICs
Mill-Max TO-99 8 Pin Socket
1 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

  8 pin Socket for TO-99 ICs 8059-2G8
Tyco/Augat(AMP) 8059-2G8 TO-99 8 Pin Socket
Out of Stock

 10 Pin IC Socket for TO-100  Devices
10 Pin Integrated Circuit Socket
18 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

 TO-66 Phenolic Transistor Socket
TO-66 Transistor Socket
3 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

(Pkg of 12) Rectangular Washer for TO-220 Device Mounting
Steel Rectangular Washer for mounting TO-220 Tab-mount Transistors and Regulators - 12 pack
12 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

Beryllium Oxide TO-66 Insulator
TO-66 BeO2 Insulating Pad, 0.062 inches thick
8 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

Talon Electronics stocks transistors, diodes, TV parts, ICs, capacitors, hardware, replacement parts, test equipment parts, resistors, inductors, switches, potentiometers, and crystals for the experimenter, repairman, hobbyist, and service technician.
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