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         Assortment of 6 Miniature Switches
6 (six) Assorted Miniature Switches
7 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

    SPST Momentary Cherry M61-0120 Keyboard Switch
Cherry M61-0120 Keyboard Switch
2 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

    SPST Momentary Switch  - Schadow MINITAST
Schadow Red Cap MINITAST Keyboard Switch
5 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

 Honeywell Elmwood Redi-Temp 3100U-3-1443  160 Deg Thermal Switch
Honeywell Hermetic Redi-Temp 160 degree F/71 Degree C Open-on-Rise Thermal Switch/Thermostat
18 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

Gordos MR1157 Normally Open Uncased Reed Switchh
5 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

Hartmann BCD Pushbutton Switch 0-15
Hartmann SMC-SG-557 Pushbutton 0-15 BCD switch
45 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

NKK DSBA1P Tilt Switch - Open Collector Output
NKK 5V Tilt Switch with Open Collector Output
48 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

Unimax 11TL6-1 SPDT Interlock Safety Switch
Unimax 15A Interlock Switch with Screw terminals
1 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

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