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 ECG102A PNP Germanium Transistor (BULK)
Item Details
 ECG102A PNP Germanium Transistor (BULK)
Item Name
ECG102A PNP Germanium Transistor (BULK)
Item #
NTE Equivalent
102A NTE102A

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Replacement Semiconductor, TO-1, PNP Germanium, AF amp.  Bulk, from ECG Distributor pack.

Replaces: 2N34, 2N34A, 2N36, 2N37, 2N38, 2N38A, 2N45, 2N45A, 2N62, 2N63, 2N64, 2N104, 2N105, 2N106, 2N107, 2N109, 2N133A, 2N1375, 2N138, 2N138A, 2N138B, 2N175, 2N180, 2N181, 2N185, 2N185BLU, 2N186, 2N186A, 2N187, 2N215, 2N217, 2N217A, 2N220, 2N222, 2N222A, 2N223, 2N224, 2N225, 2N226, 2N227, 2N238, 2N238D, 2N238E, 2N238F, 2N238-ORN, 2N279, 2N280, 2N281, 2N283, 2N284, 2N284A, 2N320, 2N406, 2N406BLU, 2N406BRN, 2N406GRN, 2N406GRN-YEL, 2N406ORN, 2N406RED, 2N407, 2N407BLK, 2N407GRN, 2N407J, 2N407RED, 2N407WHT, 2N407YEL, 2N408, 2N408J, 2N408WHT, 2N427A, 2N501, 2N506, 2N524, 2N534, 2N535, 2N535A, 2N535B, 2N536, 2N591, 2N591/5, 2N591A, 2N800, 2N807, 2N808, 2N813, 2N814, 2N815, 2N816, 2N819, 2N820, 2N1130, 2N1266, 2N1303, 2N1416, 2N1673, 2N1681, 2N1954, 2N1955, 2N1956, 2N1957, 2N1969, 2N2000, 2N2001, 2N2173, 2N2428, 2N2429, 2N2447, 2N2448, 2N2449, 2N2450, 2N2613, 2N2614, 2SA100A, 2SA101D, 2SA101F, 2SA101G, 2SA101H, 2SA101K, 2SA101L, 2SA101M, 2SA101R, 2SA101XBX, 2SA101YA, 2SA114, 2SA116, 2SA12A, 2SA12B, 2SA12C, 2SA12D, 2SA12H, 2SA12(V), 2SA12V, 2SA138, 2SA15A, 2SA15B, 2SA15BK, 2SA15BL, 2SA15BLU, 2SA15C, 2SA15D, 2SA15E, 2SA15F, 2SA15G, 2SA15H, 2SA15K, 2SA15L, 2SA15M, 2SA15OR, 2SA15R, 2SA15RD, 2SA15U, 2SA15V, 2SA15V/R, 2SA15VR, 2SA15X, 2SA15Y, 2SA173, 2SA173B, 2SA17H, 2SA18, 2SA181, 2SA183, 2SA187TV, 2SA18H, 2SA302, 2SA303, 2SA304, 2SA32, 2SA33, 2SA374, 2SA406, 2SA407, 2SA443, 2SA444, 2SA445, 2SA459, 2SA50, 2SA538, 2SA538-G, 2SA538G, 2SA64, 2SA65, 2SA66, 2SB110, 2SB111, 2SB111K, 2SB112, 2SB113, 2SB114, 2SB115, 2SB116, 2SB117, 2SB117K, 2SB120, 2SB134, 2SB134-D, 2SB134-E, 2SB134E, 2SB135, 2SB135B, 2SB135C, 2SB135E, 2SB136, 2SB136-2, 2SB136-3, 2SB136A, 2SB136B, 2SB136C, 2SB136U, 2SB155, 2SB155A, 2SB155B, 2SB156, 2SB156-A, 2SB156A, 2SB156AA, 2SB156AB, 2SB156AC, 2SB156AD, 2SB156B, 2SB156B3, 2SB156BC, 2SB156C, 2SB156D, 2SB156P, 2SB157, 2SB158, 2SB159, 2SB160, 2SB168, 2SB169, 2SB170, 2SB173, 2SB173A, 2SB173B, 2SB173C, 2SB173L, 2SB174, 2SB176, 2SB176B, 2SB176M, 2SB176-O, 2SB176-P, 2SB176P, 2SB176-PR, 2SB176PRC, 2SB176R, 2SB177, 2SB177N, 2SB177O, 2SB177P, 2SB178, 2SB178A, 2SB178AA, 2SB178AB, 2SB178AC, 2SB178AD, 2SB178AE, 2SB178AM, 2SB178AN, 2SB178AO, 2SB178AP, 2SB178AQ, 2SB178AR, 2SB178AS, 2SB178AT, 2SB178AU, 2SB178AV, 2SB178AW, 2SB178AX, 2SB178AZ, 2SB178B, 2SB178C, 2SB178D, 2SB178E, 2SB178F, 2SB178G, 2SB178GN, 2SB178H, 2SB178J, 2SB178K, 2SB178L, 2SB178M, 2SB178N, 2SB178-O, 2SB178-OR, 2SB178OR, 2SB178R, 2SB178-S, 2SB178S, 2SB178T, 2SB178TC, 2SB178TS, 2SB178U, 2SB178V, 2SB178X, 2SB178Y, 2SB183, 2SB184, 2SB185, 2SB185(0), 2SB185F, 2SB185P, 2SB186, 2SB186(0), 2SB186-1, 2SB186-7, 2SB186A, 2SB186AG, 2SB186B, 2SB186BY, 2SB186C, 2SB186D, 2SB186E, 2SB186F, 2SB186G, 2SB186GN, 2SB186H, 2SB186J, 2SB186-K, 2SB186K, 2SB186L, 2SB186M, 2SB186-O, 2SB186(O), 2SB186O, 2SB186-OR, 2SB186OR, 2SB186R, 2SB186X, 2SB186Y, 2SB187-1, 2SB187(1), 2SB187A, 2SB187AA, 2SB187B, 2SB187BK, 2SB187C, 2SB187D, 2SB187E, 2SB187F, 2SB187G, 2SB187GN, 2SB187H, 2SB187(K), 2SB187K, 2SB187L, 2SB187M, 2SB187-OR, 2SB187OR, 2SB187R, 2SB187RED, 2SB187S, 2SB187TV, 2SB187X, 2SB187Y, 2SB187YEL, 2SB188, 2SB189, 2SB201, 2SB22, 2SB22A, 2SB22B, 2SB22I, 2SB22-O, 2SB22R, 2SB22S, 2SB22Y, 2SB24, 2SB261, 2SB262, 2SB263, 2SB264, 2SB265, 2SB266, 2SB266P, 2SB266Q, 2SB267, 2SB268, 2SB269, 2SB270, 2SB270A, 2SB270B, 2SB270C, 2SB270D, 2SB270E, 2SB271, 2SB272, 2SB273, 2SB280, 2SB293, 2SB294, 2SB299, 2SB302, 2SB303, 2SB303-0, 2SB3030, 2SB303A, 2SB303B, 2SB303C, 2SB303H, 2SB303K, 2SB315, 2SB316, 2SB317, 2SB32, 2SB321, 2SB322, 2SB32(3), 2SB323, 2SB32-4, 2SB324, 2SB324A, 2SB324B, 2SB324C, 2SB324D, 2SB324(E), 2SB324E, 2SB324(F), 2SB324F, 2SB324G, 2SB324GN, 2SB324H, 2SB324(I), 2SB324I, 2SB324J, 2SB324,K, 2SB324K, 2SB324(L), 2SB324L, 2SB324M, 2SB324(N), 2SB324N, 2SB324-OR, 2SB324OR, 2SB324P, 2SB324R, 2SB324S, 2SB324V, 2SB324X, 2SB324Y, 2SB329, 2SB329K, 2SB32(N), 2SB32N, 2SB33, 2SB33-4, 2SB336, 2SB33C, 2SB33D, 2SB33E, 2SB33F, 2SB345, 2SB346, 2SB346K, 2SB346Q, 2SB348, 2SB348Q, 2SB348R, 2SB349, 2SB364, 2SB364/8023, 2SB364A, 2SB364B, 2SB364C, 2SB364D, 2SB364E, 2SB364F, 2SB364G, 2SB364GN, 2SB364H, 2SB364J, 2SB364K, 2SB364L, 2SB364M, 2SB364OR, 2SB364R, 2SB364X, 2SB364Y, 2SB366, 2SB37, 2SB370, 2SB370A, 2SB370AA, 2SB370AB, 2SB370AC, 2SB370AH, 2SB370AHA, 2SB370AHB, 2SB370B, 2SB370C, 2SB370D, 2SB370P, 2SB370PB, 2SB370V, 2SB371, 2SB371D, 2SB376, 2SB376G, 2SB377, 2SB377B, 2SB378, 2SB37A, 2SB37B, 2SB37C, 2SB37E, 2SB37F, 2SB381, 2SB382, 2SB383, 2SB386, 2SB387A, 2SB389, 2SB39, 2SB40, 2SB400, 2SB400A, 2SB400B, 2SB400BL, 2SB400K, 2SB421, 2SB427, 2SB428, 2SB43, 2SB439, 2SB439/802, 2SB439/80243900, 2SB439A, 2SB43A, 2SB44, 2SB440, 2SB443, 2SB443A, 2SB443B, 2SB459, 2SB459A, 2SB459B, 2SB459(C), 2SB459C, 2SB459D, 2SB459-O, 2SB460, 2SB460A, 2SB460B, 2SB47, 2SB482, 2SB496, 2SB498, 2SB516, 2SB516C, 2SB516CD, 2SB516D, 2SB516P, 2SB534, 2SB534A, 2SB54, 2SB54B, 2SB54E, 2SB54F, 2SB54Y, 2SB55, 2SB56, 2SB56A, 2SB56B, 2SB56C, 2SB57, 2SB59, 2SB60, 2SB60A, 2SB60L, 2SB61, 2SB635, 2SB636, 2SB65, 2SB66, 2SB66H, 2SB67, 2SB67A, 2SB73, 2SB73A, 2SB73B, 2SB73C, 2SB73GR, 2SB73S, 2SB75, 2SB75A, 2SB75AH, 2SB75(B), 2SB75B, 2SB75(C), 2SB75C, 2SB75C1, 2SB75F, 2SB75F/0573125, 2SB75H, 2SB75LB, 2SB76, 2SB77, 2SB77-A, 2SB77A, 2SB77AA, 2SB77AB, 2SB77AC, 2SB77AD, 2SB77AH, 2SB77A/P, 2SB77AP, 2SB77(B), 2SB77B, 2SB77B2, SB77C, 2SB77D, 2SB77E, 2SB77F, 2SB77G, 2SB77GN, 2SB77H, 2SB77K, 2SB77L, 2SB77M, 2SB77-OR, 2SB77OR, 2SB77P, 2SB77PD, 2SB77R, 2SB77RED, 2SB77(V), 2SB77V, 2SB77VRED, 2SB77X, 2SB77Y, 2SB78, 2SB79, 2SB89, 2SB89A, 2SB89AH, 2SB89H, 2SB90, 2SB91, 2SB94, 2SB94Z6, 2SB97 and many other TO-1 PNP Germanium AF transistors.

11 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
Replaces 121-11, 121-12, 121-18(ZENITH), 121-19, 121-33, 121-34, 121-43, 121-46, 121-47, 121-61, 121-64, 121-68, 121-69, 121-72, 2N406, 2SA15, 2SA101, 2SA444, 2SA445, 2SB32, 2SB77, 2SB178, 2SB186, 2SB187, 2SB439 and many other PNP TO-1  devices






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