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 NTE923 Precision Voltage Regulator IC
Item Details
 NTE923 Precision Voltage Regulator IC
Item Name
NTE923 Precision Voltage Regulator IC
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NTE Equivalent

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IC Pprecision Voltage Regulator,10 PIN CAN 

Replaces 029875-000, 1073-AY, 130050206, 1401301, 142349(GTR), 142349(WURLITZER), 1479-8011, 155103, 156-0053-00, 157644, 1729-7284, 179-46447-07, 1820-0196, 1820-0270, 1826-0010, 1826-0292, 19-09981-0, 19A116841P1, 1CL-723C-TZ, 2012-5472, 22-0723, 221-Z9019, 2396475, 247AS-C0450-001, 2610154-01, 261015401, 276-009, 276-1740, 326823, 351-1035, 351-1035-020, 370-116764, 3720968-1, 43A223046-1, 44A333413, 46-136284-P1, 4850-0000-012, 49A0103-001, 50613800, 56D41, 68A7860-P1, 710206-43, 717399-3, 723BE, 723CE, 723HC, 76797-2, 91011900, 935-6374, 991-029875-000, A1-ICV-RLQ-005, AM723HM, AMU5R7723312, AMU5R7723393, CA723, CA723CT, CA723T, ECG923, FBT00045, FBT00071, FD-1073-AY, FU5R7723393, GEIC-259, GEVR-115, GEVR-116, HA17723M, IC-43(ELCOM), IC43(ELCOM), ITT723-5(METAL_CAN), ITT723-5(METAL-CAN), ITT723-5(METALCAN), ITT723(METAL_CAN), ITT723(METAL-CAN), L123, L123CT, L123-T1, LAS723, LAS723B, LM723, LM723CH, LM723DC, LM723H, M511-035-0001, MC1723CG, MC1723G, MIC723-5(METAL_CAN), MIC723-5(METAL-CAN), MIC723-5(METALCAN), N5723L, N5723T, PA7001/505, RC723T, RS276-009, SG723CT, SK3164, SL20783, SL21619, SL21885, SL23296, SL23485, SL23546, SL8995, SN72723L, SN72723N, T1723V, TBA281, TBA281/723, TBA281/723C, TDB0723, U5F7723393, U5R7723393, UA723, UA723CL, UA723C(METAL_CAN), UA723C(METAL-CAN), UA723C(METALCAN), UA723HC, UA723HM, X0453, X0453(GOTTLIEB)
14 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
IC-Precision Volage Regulator, 10 Lead, TO-99 (LM723CH / MC1723CG equiv)






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