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10006 1A 100V Bridge Rectifier
Bridge Rectifier
268 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
   .1uF / 250VDC MKT 1817 Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor
.1uF/250VDC radial film capacitor
1909 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
 0.375"  Nylon Round Circuit Board Support (4 Pack)
3/8" Nylon Support, 4 pack
210 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
  SK3467 NPN Silicon Power Transistor NTE283 Equiv
Replaces 1854-0086, 1854-0572, 1854-0617, 1854-0623, 1854-0624, 1854-0767, 1854-0891, 2N5239, 2N5240, 2N5241, 2N5804, 2N5805, 2N6306, 2N6307, 2N6308, 2N6510, 2N6511, 2N6512, 2N6513, 2N6514, 2N6542, 2N6543, 2N6573, 2N6647. ECG283, NTE283
1 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
  50K Ohm 53C3-50K / RV4NAYSD503A Clarostat Potentiometer
50K Ohm Panel Mount Potentiometer
28 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
        NTE74HC132 Quad 2-input NAND IC - 74HC132
Replaces 1820-3174, 74HC132, 74HC132N, CD74HC132, GD74HC132, HD74HC132, HD74HC132P, M74HC132, M74HC132P, MC74HC132, MC74HC132N, MM74HC132, MM74HC132N, SN74HC132, SN74HC132N, TC40HC132, TC74HC132, TC74HC132AP, TC74HC132P, UPD74HC132
100 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
2SA1015 2SA1015GR PNP Silicon Transistor
Toshiba PNP Transistor - GR 200-400 Hfe
34 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
   100 ohm PTC Thermistor CL06 101090  (Pkg  of 4)
Ametherm CL06101090 100 Ohm Thermistor - Package or 4
411 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
    .01uF / 100V polyester film radial box capacitor
Epcos .01uF/100VDC radial box capacitor
1981 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
Alps DSS Satellite Tuner
ALPS BSRU6-101A DSS Satellite Tuner
66 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
2N3567 PNP Silicon Transistor
Original Fairchild/Nat'l Semi Transistor in TO105 case
104 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
NTE2385 N–Channel MOSFET Switch 500V 9A
Replaces 2SK554, 2SK555, 2SK741, 2SK767, 2SK894, 2SK897, 2SK949, 2SK949M, 2SK950, 2SK988, 2SK1157, 2SK1158, 2SK1441, 2SK1446, 2SK1495, 2SK1496, 2SK1574, 2SK1606, 2SK1609, 2SK1694, 2SK1992, 2SK1993, 2SK2186, 2SK2188, 2SK2543, 2SK2564
13 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
      10.7 MHz Ceramic Filter SFE10.7MA
Murata SFE10.7MA21 10.7 MHZ Ceramic Filter
72 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
      .0047uf /  63VDC radial film box capacitor
4700pf/63VDC polyester film radial capacitor
1022 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
   10K Ohms, 10% 1/2 Watt Carbon Composition Resistor
1/2W Carbon Composition Resistor
26 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
Talon Electronics sells a variety of electronic  parts, transistors, diodes, fuses, capacitors, resistors, test equipment parts, and inductors, for engineers and service technicians.
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