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Please note that HP Binding Posts are multi-piece items, with the base, connecting hardware and post having separate, distinct part numbers.  Please order what you need - but ensure the part you need matches the manual part number for the base, the nut, the washer, or base insulator.  Ordering only the binding post will NOT include these separate items.

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  HP/Agilent Binding Post Replacement Collar - Pkg of 2
HP Olive Collar for Binding Posts (Pack of 2 collars, as shown)

HP/Agilent 0340-0099 Binding Post Insulator
Hewlett Packard 0340-0099 Insulator for 333A/334A

HP/Agilent 1510-0084 Red Binding Post
Hewlett Packard 1510-0084 Red Binding Post
Sold Out

HP/Agilent 1510-0087 Black Binding Post
Hewlett Packard 1510-0087 Black / Jade Binding Post

HP/Agilent 1510-0091 Binding Post
HP Red/Jade Binding Post
Sold Out

HP/Agilent 1510-0110 Black Binding Post
Hewlett Packard 1510-0110 Black Binding Post
Sold Out

HP/Agilent 1510-0534 Binding Post with Captive Link
HP Black / Jade Binding Post with Link

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