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 C Bayonet Connector UG-710A/U for RG 8 cable
Kings UG-710A/U C Connector, Bayonet Mount
1 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

 C Bulkhead Connector Receptacle UG-571/U for RG-8 Cable Amphenol 82-501
Amphenol C Connector Bulkhead Receptacle UG-571/U for RG-8 Cable
30 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

33JR115-2 Specialty Connector Probe Panel Jack
SPC/Souriou 33JR115-2 Tip Panel Jack
5 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

Amphenol 27-2 Subminiax 50 Ohm Connector
13 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

F Connector Barrel Fitting - Female-Female SplicerJoiner
Back-to-Back Female F Connector for Joining 2 Coaxial Cables Terminated With Male F Fittings
12 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

Gilbert 0119-0581-3 GPO Threaded Shroud Pin
Gilbert/Corning GPO 0119-0581-3 Male Thread-In Connector
360 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

Radiall R113 182 000 Right Angle Male MCX Cable Connector for RG188, RG316
22 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

UG-496/U Panel Mount 50 Ohm HN Jack
HN Panel Jack, 4-Screw Mount, Silver Plated
18 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

Talon Electronics sells a variety of electronic  parts, transistors, diodes, fuses, capacitors, resistors, test equipment parts, and inductors, for engineers and service technicians.
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