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74ALS Advanced Low Power Schottky ICs | Talon Electronics LLC
Integrated Circuits  >  74ALS Advanced Low Schottky TTL ICs
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                 74ALS04BN IC-TTL Low Power Advanced Schottky Hex Inverter
Signetics 74ALS04BN, replaces DM74ALS04, DM74ALS04N, DN74ALS04, F9ALS04, F9ALS04DC, F9ALS04PC, HD74ALS04, HD74ALS04P, ALS04, M74ALS04P, MB74ALS04, MB74ALS04M, N74ALS04, N74ALS04F, N74ALS04N, SN74ALS04, SN74ALS04BN
46 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

                74ALS11AN IC-TTL Low Power Advanced Schottky Triple 3-Input Positive-NAND Gate
Signetics 74ALS11AN, replaces DM74ALS11, DM74ALS11N, DN74ALS11, F9ALS11, F9ALS11DC, F9ALS11PC, HD74ALS11, HD74ALS11P, ALS11, M74ALS11P, MB74ALS11, MB74ALS11M, N74ALS11, N74ALS11F, N74ALS11N, SN74ALS11, SN74ALS11AN
46 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

                74ALS20AN IC-TTL Low Power Advanced Schottky Dual 4-Input Positive-NAND gates
Signetics 74ALS20AN, replaces DM74ALS20, DM74ALS20N, DN74ALS20, F9ALS20, F9ALS20DC, F9ALS20PC, HD74ALS20, HD74ALS20P, ALS20, M74ALS20P, MB74ALS20, MB74ALS20M, N74ALS20, N74ALS20F, N74ALS20N, SN74ALS20, SN74ALS20AN
46 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

             74ALS27N IC-TTL Advanced Low Power Schottky Triple 3 Input NOR Gate
Signetics 74ALS27N, replaces 74ALS27, 74ALS27A, 74ALS27DC, 74ALS27PC, DM74ALS27, DM74ALS27N, HD74ALS27P, M74ALS27P, MB74ALS27M, N74LS27N, SN74ALS27, SN74ALS27N, SN74ALS27A, SN74ALS27AN
45 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

    M74ALS138P IC-TTL Advanced Low Power Schottky 3-To-8 Line Decoder - Demultiplexer
Mitsubishi M74ALS138P, replaces SN74ALS138A, SN74ALS138AN
122 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

  DM74ALS174N IC-TTL Advanced Low Power Schottky Hex D-Type Flip Flop
Fairchild SN74ALS174N, replaces 74ALS174PC, 9LS174DC, 9LS174PC, AM74ALS174, DM74ALS174N, DN74ALS174, ECG74ALS174, F9LS174PC, HD74ALS174P, M74ALS174P, MB74ALS174M, N74ALS174N, ON74ALS174N, SN74ALS174N
17 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

  DM74ALS374N IC-TTL Advanced Low Power Schottky Octal D-Type Edge Triggered Flip-Flops with 3-State Outputs
Fairchild DM74ALS374N, replaces 74ALS374P, 74ALS374PC, ECG74ALS374, HD74ALS374P, M74ALS374P, MB74ALS374, MB74ALS374A, MB74ALS374AM, N74ALS374, N74ALS374N, SN74ALS374, SN74ALS374AN, SN74ALS374N
5 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

  SN74ALS518N IC-TTL Advanced Low Power Schottky 8-Bit Identity Comparators w/ Enable
Texas Instruments SN74ALS518N 8-Bit Identity Comparators (P=Q) w/ Enable
44 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

  SN74ALS874ANT IC-TTL Advanced Low Power Schottky Dual 4-Bit D-Type Edge-Triggered Flip-Flops
3 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

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