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HP - Agilent ICs
Hewlett Packard (later Agilent, now Keysight) ICs 1813, 1820 and 1826 prefixed parts.

HP Transistors, FETs and Thyristors
HP/Agilent Transistors, FETs, MOSFETs, and SCRs

HP (Agilent) Binding Posts
Binding Posts for HP Instruments and Supplies

HP Diodes, LEDs and Photocells
HP Diodes in all types - Zener, Rectifier, Signal, Bridge Rectifier, and Regulator

HP - Agilent Potentiometers
HP/Agilent Potentiometers

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  HP/Agilent Binding Post Replacement Collar - Pkg of 2
HP Olive Collar for Binding Posts (Pack of 2 collars, as shown)
Talon Electronics stocks transistors, diodes, TV parts, ICs, capacitors, replacement parts, hardware, connectors, test equipment parts, resistors, inductors, switches, potentiometers, and crystals for the experimenter, hobbyist, and service technician.
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