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Talon Electronics will close Wednesday, May 22 through Monday, May 27.  Orders placed during this period will ship Tuesday, May 28, 2024. 

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Frequently Asked Questions - Talon Electronics LLC

Here are answers to some of the questions you may have about our parts and procedures.

Q: Do you have a minimum order?

A: Just $4

Q: Can I pay by mail?

Unfortunately, no. We accept major credit/debit cards and PayPal

Q: I need part number "XXXXXX" Do you have it?

A: Please use our search feature - if a search results in no item found, we don't have it.  Same for out of stock items - we are out, and none are on backorder.  Only items showing a quantity due and date due in will be restocked.

Q: I'm getting an error in checkout

Please ensure you have SSL disabled in your browser- we use TLS security on our servers, to
avoid the SSL 3.0 (Poodle) vulnerability.  Up-to-date versions of Firefox and Chrome have this enabled by default.  If you use Internet Explorer, you can easily disable SSL by doing the following: While in IE, click on Internet Options and click the Advanced tab. Next, scroll down a bit and you will see an option called SSL 3.0, uncheck that (and uncheck SSL 2.0 if that is checked). Next, click OK to save, and lastly close then restart IE. For all other browsers it is much more complex - contact the developer to find out how to disable SSL.

If you receive Error 10486 "This transaction couldn't be completed.", please ensure your billing address is correctThis is the #1 reason transactions are declined.  A misspelled word, incomplete address, transposed number, or old address will all cause this error.  PCI and payment security require the billing address to be included with the payment transmittal.  Errors are also caused by name and ZIP/Postal Code Mis-matches.

This layer of security is for YOUR protection - it prevents unauthorized use of your credit and debit cards.

Q: My Transaction was declined (PayPal - using mobile device)

A: This most often occurs with Mobile Payments.  Ensure your PayPal profile includes the device you are using to order, and that the mobile device's OS and the browser you are using have all security updates.  PayPal often rejects mobile payments for security reasons at the user end, and this is not an error on our part nor a problem with our system.

Q: Can I pick up my order?

Unfortunately, no. We do not have a retail location, nor do we support will call.

Q: How do I submit a Request for Quote?

A:  We don't require a request for quote, nor do we respond to them.  All items are shown with the sale price on our website.  Items with quantity discounts are also offered.  If no quantity discount is shown, none is offered.  Take a look - all prices and quantities available are right here on the website!

Q: How do I add to an existing order?

A:  Unfortunately, once an order is placed, we are unable to modify the order.  This is because we don't capture any credit card or payment data - it is passed securely to our payment processor.  If you need additional items, you need to submit another order.  We refund excess shipping if you notify us of the additional order.

Q: How much is shipping for my item?

A:  To determine the actual shipping costs, place the item(s) in the shopping cart and start the checkout process.  Before payment is made, the shipping costs are shown.  This is the only way to determine shipping charges, as the item quantity, mode of shipment, and shipping location all determine the cost.

Q: Where do we enter our Purchase Order number?  We need it to track the item once it's received.

  You can use either the second address line, or contact us to add it.  We will include it on both the invoice and packing list.  We apologize for the omission of the Purchase Order entry area, and are addressing this with our web developer.

Q:  How do I view my order/order status one I've placed an order?

A: You can log in to your Talon Electronics account 24/7 to view the status of any order.  Simply click the "Sign In" button at the upper right of the Talon Electronics home page, and once you're logged in, you can simply click on the order number to view the summary page for that order.

Q: My Order was refunded.  Why? 
A: The refund email contains the rationale.  Please read it fully. 

Out of Stock or Discontinued Items

Our shopping cart system will not allow ordering of Out of Stock items. If you wish to be notified when an out of stock item becomes available again, use the Contact Us form and we will add you to our want/wish lists.

Q: Why do I receive this message when ordering?

Item not updated, problem occurred while updating this item, there may not be enough in-stock.

A:  You have attempted to purchase more than we have in stock.  Revise the quantity to a lower number to remove the message.  And no, we don't have more than what the system will allow you to order.

Q: What if I need more of an item than you have in stock?

A: Our website shows our current inventory amount for items.  In all cases, that is all we have, and we are unable to obtain additional stock.

Q: Can I get a certificate of conformity?

A:  Unfortunately, as we obtain stock from multiple sources, suppliers and distributors, we are unable to offer or provide a Certificate of Conformity for any item listed on this website.

Q: I need many of a certain part - can I get a quantity discount?

A: Discounts are shown on the item detail page for all items that we offer a quantity discount.  If no quantity discount is shown, none is offered.  Vintage items, discontinued items, and one-of-a kind items are already at the lowest price we offer.

Q: Do you perform rank testing of transistors and JFETs?

A: No.  All devices are guaranteed to perform under conditions specified by the manufacturers datasheet.  If a datasheet gives a range of hfe values, we guarantee the hfe will fall within that range - not to a specific value.  If only a typical value is given, we guarantee only that the average within a lot will be at the typical value.  There are no returns on any device that meets the manufacturers hfe data - so no selecting what you want and returning the remainder.  Again, no returns on transistors or JFETs for not falling within your desired hfe or other specific range.


Q: Why hasn't my international package arrived yet?

A:  Check with your post office.  We ship via REGISTERED MAIL, which will require a signature for delivery.  Customs and other delays (postal strikes, volcanic ash over Europe, natural disasters) are beyond our control.  Registered mail receives start-to-finish tracking, and is the most secure method of postal shipping.  Your tracking number and shipping status are always posted to the order summary and can be viewed by loging in to your Talon Electronics account.

Q: When can I expect my order?

A:  We ship daily, Monday-Friday, and most orders are filled within 24 hours of placement, with Priority Orders taking precedence. Most US orders take 2-5 days to reach you - we do not control postal volume, and cannot guarantee a delivery date.

Q: Why was I charged VAT and import duties on my order?

A:  VAT, import duties, excise duties, customs fees, and taxes are the responsibility of the importer.  We have no control, nor do we track the fees assessed.  If your country charges these fees, you may have to pay the taxes before delivery can be made.  In such instances, we are not responsible for the fees, nor will we refund an order that is refused due to these fees.  Please note that many Eurozone countries charge these fees on every parcel, regardless of value.

Q:  My Country isn't listed - can I order?

We ship only to countries listed in the drop-down countries list on the register and checkout pages.  If your country is not listed, we do not ship to your country.  All international shipments are sent via traceable means - usually registered first class mail. 

Q: How do I check the status of my order?
Log into your account, and click on the order you wish  to check on - the order status is updated daily.  If you ordered as a guest without registering, no updates are available - check your email for the tracking number our system sends.

Q: How do I enter the coupon code to receive a discount?
A: At checkout, there is a box presented labeled "Coupon Code".  Simply enter the coupon code exactly as presented.  Our coupon codes do not include spaces.  Once entered, the discount is applied and is shown before final checkout.  If the discount is not shown, back up and reenter the code. Please note that minimum order amounts may apply - see discount announcement for details.  Minimum order amounts do not include shipping.

Q: What if I want to return what I bought?

A: Contact us first, within 7 days of receipt. We will refund your original purchase price, LESS FREIGHT/SHIPPING, and a 15% restocking fee upon our receipt of the original item.  All items returned must be complete in the exact same condition we sent it to you. You must ship it back to us prepaid.  Our return policy applies to all returns - no exceptions.


Q:  Are your components RoHS compliant?
Generally, No.  Unless otherwise noted, components and assemblies sold by Talon Electronics LLC are not RoHS compliant.  When we can determine the Rohs category, we will inidicate it in the items description.

With many surplus items,  makers and lot numbers vary even within the same values/types, and it is nearly impossible to determine RoHS category.   

Talon Electronics sells a variety of electronic  parts, transistors, diodes, fuses, capacitors, connectors, switches, resistors, test equipment parts, and inductors, for engineers and service technicians.






$4  Minimum Order


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