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Germanium Diodes
- Diodes and Rectifiers of all types - Bridges, Switching, Varicap, Zener, TVS and more
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 1N276 Germanium Detector / Rectifier Diode
1N276 Germanium Diode
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  SK3088 Axial Germanium Detector Diode
Item Details
  SK3088 Axial Germanium Detector Diode
Item Name
SK3088 Axial Germanium Detector Diode
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NTE Equivalent

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Diode-Ge, Gen Purp, 100 PRV

Replaces 1N100, 1N100A, 1N103, 1N104, 1N105, 1N107, 1N108, 1N109, 1N1093, 1N111, 1N112, 1N113, 1N114, 1N115, 1N116, 1N116A, 1N117, 1N117A, 1N118, 1N118A, 1N119, 1N119A, 1N120, 1N120A, 1N125, 1N126, 1N126A, 1N128, 1N128A, 1N132, 1N133, 1N134, 1N136, 1N137, 1N139, 1N1391, 1N140, 1N142, 1N143, 1N144, 1N145, 1N148, 1N1561, 1N1562, 1N191, 1N192, 1N198, 1N198A, 1N198B, 1N-22, 1N265, 1N266, 1N267, 1N268, 1N270, 1N273, 1N276, 1N277, 1N278, 1N279, 1N2801, 1N281, 1N282, 1N283, 1N285, 1N287, 1N288, 1N289, 1N290, 1N292, 1N294, 1N294A, 1N295, 1N2951, 1N295A, 1N295S, 1N295X, 1N296, 1N297, 1N297A, 1N298, 1N298A, 1N304, 1N305, 1N306, 1N307, 1N308, 1N309, 1N310, 1N3110, 1N312, 1N3121, 1N3122, 1N3125, 1N314, 1N3146, 1N31A, 1N3204, 1N3287, 1N3287N, 1N34, 1N3465, 1N3466, 1N3467, 1N3468, 1N3469, 1N3470, 1N3482, 1N3483, 1N3484, 1N-34A, 1N34AM, 1N34AS, 1N34A-T, 1N34A-TFI, 1N34A-Z, 1N34G, 1N34GA, 1N34R, 1N34(TV), 1N34Z, 1N35, 1N355, 1N3564, 1N36, 1N367, 1N367B, 1N3753, 1N3773, 1N38, 1N38A, 1N38B, 1N3991, 1N4088, 1N41, 1N417, 1N418, 1N419, 1N42, 1N43, 1N435, 1N44, 1N447, 1N449, 1N45, 1N4502, 1N452, 1N4523, 1N454, 1N455, 1N45A, 1N46, 1N46A, 1N47, 1N476, 1N477, 1N478, 1N479, 1N48, 1N480, 1N48A, 1N49, 1N497, 1N498, 1N50, 1N500, 1N51, 1N52A, 1N54, 1N542A, 1N54A, 1N54G, 1N54GA, 1N56, 1N564, 1N56A, 1N57, 1N571, 1N57A, 1N58A, 1N-60, 1N60/0112-0028-6438, 1N60-1, 1N601S34, 1N60/3490, 1N60/4454C, 1N60/7825B, 1N60AM, 1N60B, 1N60C, 1N60D, 1N60F, 1N60-FA1, 1N60FA1, 1N60FD1, 1N60-FM, 1N60FM, 1N60FM-1, 1N60FM1, 1N60FMX, 1N60G, 1N60GA, 1N60GB, 1N60M, 1N60-M3, 1N60M3, 1N60MP, 1N60-P, 1N60P, 1N60R, 1N60-S, 1N60S, 1N60SD60, 1N60-T, 1N60T, 1N60-TF1, 1N60(TV), 1N60TV, 1N60(TV)(FA-1), 1N60TVGL, 1N60TV-TOGL, 1N60TVTP, 1N60TVTPGL, 1N60-Z, 1N60Z, 1N616, 1N617, 1N618, 1N62, 1N63, 1N631, 1N632, 1N636, 1N636A, 1N63A, 1N64, 1N64A, 1N64B, 1N64G, 1N64GA, 1N64P, 1N65, 1N65A, 1N66, 1N66A, 1N67, 1N67A, 1N67D, 1N68, 1N68A, 1N69, 1N698, 1N69A, 1N70, 1N70A, 1N71, 1N72, 1N72G, 1N73, 1N74, 1N75A, 1N76, 1N76A, 1N76C, 1N76G, 1N770, 1N771, 1N771A, 1N771B, 1N772A, 1N773, 1N773A, 1N774, 1N774A, 1N775, 1N776, 1N777, 1N781, 1N805, 1N81, 1N81A, 1N835, 1N84, 1N86, 1N86AG, 1N87, 1N87A, 1N87G, 1N87GA, 1N87S, 1N87T, 1N88, 1N89, 1N90, 1N909, 1N90G, 1N90GA, 1N910, 1N911, 1N95, 1N96, 1N96A, 1N97, 1N97A, 1N98, 1N98A, 1N99, 1N994, 1N995M, 1N996, 1N99A and many other germanium signal diodes.

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Replaces 1N34, 1N34A, 1N34AS, 1N60, 1N60A, 1N60AM, 1N98, 1N270, 1N273, 1N276, 1N277, 1N278, 1N279, 1N2801, 1N281, 1N282, 1N283, 1N285, 1N287, 1N288, 1N289, 1N290, 1N292, 1N294, 1N294A, 1N295, 1S188, 1T22A, 1T22AM and many other germanium signal diodes.






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