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  SK3467 NPN Silicon Power Transistor NTE283 Equiv
Item Details
  SK3467 NPN Silicon Power Transistor NTE283 Equiv
Item Name
SK3467 NPN Silicon Power Transistor NTE283 Equiv
Item #
NTE Equivalent
NTE283 283

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TO-3, NPN, Power Amp, 100W, 10A, 325V, TO-3 case. 

01H1389, 06120012, 07-1777-03, 108-020C, 1204-0028, 122N3, 15-123100, 174-20989-25, 183T2A, 183T2B, 184T2A, 184T2B, 1854-0086, 1854-0572, 1854-0617, 1854-0623, 1854-0624, 1854-0767, 1854-0891, 185T2A, 185T2B, 1B09, 2003212204, 20989-25,  21A118-034, 21A118-124, 2321121, 2321241, 233N1D, 233N2, 2N5239, 2N5240, 2N5241, 2N5804, 2N5805, 2N6306, 2N6307, 2N6308, 2N6510, 2N6511, 2N6512, 2N6513, 2N6514, 2N6542, 2N6543, 2N6573, 2N6647, 2SA1064P, 2SC1106PQ, 2SC1140, 2SC1141, 2SC1142, 2SC1143, 2SC1228, 2SC1230, 2SC1434, 2SC1436, 2SC1440, 2SC1441, 2SC1469A, 2SC1477, 2SC1576, 2SC1577A, 2SC1579, 2SC1580, 2SC1617, 2SC1785, 2SC1786, 2SC2122, 2SC2122A, 2SC2139, 2SC2151, 2SC2191, 2SC2402, 2SC675, 2SC681, 2SC681(A), 2SC681A, 2SC681ARD, 2SC681AYL, 2SC681(B), 2SC681B, 2SC681L, 2SC681Y, 2SC681YL, 2SC687A, 2SC687B, 2SC687C, 2SC687D, 2SC687E, 2SC687F, 2SC687G, 2SC687GN, 2SC687H, 2SC687J, 2SC687K, 2SC687L, 2SC687M, 2SC687OR, 2SC687R, 2SC687X, 2SC687Y, 2SC806, 2SC806A, 2SC807(A), 2SC807AK, 2SC862, 2SC939D, 2SC939I, 2SC940, 2SC940L, 2SC940(L)(M), 2SC940M, 2SC940P, 2SC940Q, 2SC940R, 2SD1154, 2SD1154P, 2SD1154Q, 2SD1154R, 2SD171, 2SD262, 2SD265, 2SD266, 2SD273, 2SD274, 2SD293, 2SD294, 2SD321, 2SD351, 2SD383, 2SD393, 2SD395, 2SD396, 2SD429, 2SD437, 2SD458Q, 2SD458R, 2SD533, 2SD538, 2SD538A, 2SD539, 2SD539A, 2SD572, 2SD605, 2SD606, 2SD640, 2SD663, 2SD705, 2SD707, 2SD749, 3SC1358K1, 40852, 40853, 410, 411, 48-137524, 48-155118, 4822-130-40858, 482213040858, 4822-130-40912, 482213040912, 4822-130-41021, 482213041021, 4835-130-47152, 483513047152, 4835-130-47322, 483513047322, 48S155118, 561-6803-902, 561-6805-240, 561-6806-307, 561-6901-036, 561-6901-410, 57A256-10(HORIZ.), 57A302-10, 601-36, 6101220003, 6101220006, 610122-1, 610122-4, 610122-5, 610122-6, 610223-1D, 610233-2, 633-1(SYL), 810065-000, 850410, 86-455-3, 86-564-2, 9331-418-90112, 933141890112, 9331-918-10112, 933191810112, 9331-938-10112, 933193810112, 9332-274-10112, 933227410112, 935-6116, 938-3, AC100(PHILCO), B1760000, B1T, B2L, BDX23, BDY24, BDY25, BDY26, BDY27, BDY28, BDY93, BDY94, BU113, BU121, BU122, BU123, BU129, BU133/02, BU210, BU211, BU212, BU326, BU326A, BUX16, BUX16A, BUX16B, BUX16C, BUX82, BUX83, BUY18S, BUY69, BUY69A, BUY69B, BUY69C, BUY70A, BUY70B, BUY70C, C1114, C1142, C1143, C1433, C1477, C1576, C1617, C2121, C2122, C675, C681, C681A, C681ARD, C681AYL, C681B, C681L(TRANS), C681YL, C681Y(TRANS), C771, C806, C806A, C940, C940L, C940M, C940N, C940P, C940Q, C940-QR, C940R, CGE-75, CGE-78MP,  D1154, D262, D265, D266, D273, D274, D293, D321, D351, D383, D393, D395, D396, D429, D437, D458Q, D458R, D533, D538, D538A, D539, D539A, D572, D605, D606, D640, D663, D705, D707, D749, DTS310, DTS311, DTS403, DTS409, ECG283, FT410, GE36, IR402, IR403, IR515, IR516, IR517, IR518, IR519, IR729, J3029, J3260, J408, J424, J425, J9000, KC940, KC940N, KC940R, KSC940, KSC940N, KSC940R, M5A, M5B, M5C, M5D, MJ3029, MJ3030, MJ3260, MJ408, MJ424, MJ425, MJ432, MJ9000, NTE283, PTC519, PTC520, S2530, S2530A, SDT1000, SDT1001, SDT1002, SDT1003, SDT1004, SDT1005, SDT1011, SDT1012, SDT1013, SDT1014, SDT1015, SDT1051, SDT1055, SDT1056, SDT1060, SDT1061, SDT402, SDT430, SDT522, SDT527, SDT532, SDT537, SDT542, SDT547, SJ4810, SJ7269, SK3467, SK3467/283, SPC413, SPC430, SPC431, ST1410, ST1411, ST1423, ST1424, ST1425, ST1430, ST1431, ST-2SC940, ST3029, ST3260, ST558, ST559, ST560, ST561, ST562, ST563, ST9000, STA8341, STA9364, STI-402, STI402, STI-403, STI403, STI-413, STI413, STI-424, STI-425, STS401, STS402, STS403, STS409, STS413, STS430, STS431, T1P558, T1P559, T1P560, T1P561, T1P562, T1P563, TA7420, TIP04, TIP558, TIP559, TIP560, TIP561, TIP562, TIP563, TM283, ULT6306, UPT411, UPT413, UPT423, UPT430, UPT431, VS2SC681A-R1A, WEP770, XQ-601-36, Y130213006

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Replaces 1854-0086, 1854-0572, 1854-0617, 1854-0623, 1854-0624, 1854-0767, 1854-0891, 2N5239, 2N5240, 2N5241, 2N5804, 2N5805, 2N6306, 2N6307, 2N6308, 2N6510, 2N6511, 2N6512, 2N6513, 2N6514, 2N6542, 2N6543, 2N6573, 2N6647. ECG283, NTE283






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