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 NTE941 Compensated Operational Amplifier - 741HC - MC1741CG
Item Details
 NTE941 Compensated Operational Amplifier - 741HC - MC1741CG
Item Name
NTE941 Compensated Operational Amplifier - 741HC - MC1741CG
Item #
NTE Equivalent
941 NTE941

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NTE941 IC - Compensated Op Amp in a TO-99 8-Pin Can Package 

Replaces 1073-CT, 1081K94-6, 1081K94-9, 11728100, 131AS471, 144178(ORGAN), 1479-0273, 153270, 156-0049-00, 179-46447-08, 1802520-001, 1820-0203, 1826-0007, 1826-0013, 1826-0090, 1826-0391, 183532, 18458117, 188660-01, 19-09234, 193207, 19A116297P3, 19A116297P3-10, 19A116297P3-9, 1A741NC, 1CL-741C-TY, 2014-6684, 2710002, 276-007, 276-010, 2797658-616030A, 3007680-00, 301915-1, 319-023001, 319-23001, 32119-201-360, 351-029-020, 351-1029-020, 39126500, 447-08, 447-50, 448-002/03, 44A332168-001, 44A332168-002, 44A332169-002, 46156741P1, 46447-08, 46447-50, 477-0542-001, 50251300, 508511, 569-0320-809, 618483-1, 618984-1, 68994-1, 68A7672P1, 717399-4, 717399-49, 741HC, 77C710891-2, 8-759-275-14, 92138-01, 935-6380, A1820-0203-1, A1826-0007-1, A1-ICA-MLR-008, AD741, AD741C, AD741CH, AD741KH, AM741CT, AM741HC, AMU5B7741393, C6052G(HEP), CA3056, CA3741, CA3741CS, CA3741CT, CA3741S, CA3741T, CA741CT, CUA741CL, ECG941, FD-1073-CT, FU5B7741393, GEIC-263, HA1304, HA-17741, HA17741M, HC1000217, HEP-C6052G, HL24510, HL24593, ICL741C-LN-TY, ICL-741C-TY, ICL741CTY, IG00016, ITT741-5C, ITT741-5(METAL_CAN), ITT741-5(METAL-CAN), ITT741-5(METALCAN), ITT741(METAL_CAN), ITT741(METAL-CAN), ITT741(METALCAN), L141T1, LA741HC, LM-741, LM741, LM741C, LM741CH, LM741H, M5141T, MA741HC, MC1741, MC1741CG, MC1741G, MIC741-5(METAL_CAN), MIC741-5(METAL-CAN), MIC741-5(METALCAN), ML741CT, N5741T, NJM741T, PA7001/503, PA7741, PA7741C, PM741CJ, RC741T, RC741TE, RC941H, RM741TE, RS276-038, SC5175G, SC741T, SFC2741C, SG741CT, SK3514, SK3514/941, SL20929, SL21673, SL23109, SL23486, SMC750123-1, SN52741, SN52741L, SN52741P, SN72741L, SSS741CJ, T0A2741V, T2741V, TA7504M, TBA221, TBA221/741C, TBA222, TBA222/741, TL1741C, TOA2741V, U-45054-1, U5B77411393, U5B7741393, UA-741, UA741, UA741CH, UA741C(METAL_CAN), UA741C(METAL-CAN), UA741C(METALCAN), UA741CT, UA741H, UA741HC, UC4741, UC4741C, ULN2741D, ULS2741D, UPC151A

IC - Compensated Op Amp in a TO-99 8-Pin Can Package






$2  Minimum Order


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