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  SK3444 NPN Silicon Transistor - NTE123A Equiv
Item Details
  SK3444 NPN Silicon Transistor - NTE123A Equiv
Item Name
SK3444 NPN Silicon Transistor - NTE123A Equiv
Item #
NTE Equivalent
NTE123A 123A

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TO-18, NPN, RF/AF Amp, similar to 2N2222A.  New, in original, unopened packaging from RCA

Replaces 1854-0010, 1854-0011, 1854-0026, 1854-0027, 1854-0030, 1854-0032, 1854-0036, 1854-0064, 1854-0081, 1854-0087, 1854-0093, 1854-0099, 1854-0201, 1854-0202, 1854-0203, 1854-0210, 1854-0211, 1854-0246, 1854-0267, 1854-0278, 1854-0287, 1854-0289, 1854-0301, 1854-0304, 1854-0307, 1854-0327, 1854-0371, 1854-0397, 1854-0477, 1854-0478, 1854-0637, 1854-0786, 1854-0809, 1854-0842, 1854-0883, 191-12(ADMIRAL), 1931900, 196117, 1993-2(FISHER), 19A115328-P1, 19A115328P1, 19A115328-P2, 19A115329P1, 19A115329P2, 19A115440P1, 19A115720P1, 19A116201P1, 19A116631P1, 19A116899P1, 1C09848, 1C744003, 2000-223, 2000-233, 2000-234, 2003039227, 2003087227, 2017-117, 21017(H.-KARDON), 21017(H.KARDON), 21083(H.-KARDON), 21083(H.KARDON), 2139-305-420, 21M288(TRANSISTOR), 21M562(TRANSISTOR), 22-0107, 2222, 2222A, 2-2310, 224817, 226239, 22861(H.-KARDON), 22861(H.KARDON), 2290-I7, 2300.037-096, 23212(H.-KARDON), 23212(H.KARDON), 23221(H.-KARDON), 23221(H.KARDON), 23844(H.-KARDON), 23844(H.KARDON), 241945, 249117, 24972(H.-KARDON), 24972(H.KARDON), 2497(SAVILLE), 25055(H.-KARDON), 25055(H.KARDON), 25056(H.-KARDON), 25056(H.KARDON), 25059(H.-KARDON), 25059(H.KARDON), 253-9000-922, 25566-61, 25566-66, 25566-77, 25566-80, 25566-84, 25567-07, 2565-17, 256817(TRANSISTOR), 25972(H.-KARDON), 25972(H.KARDON), 27125150, 27379(H.-KARDON), 27379(H.KARDON), 27620(H.-KARDON), 27620(H.KARDON), 2925(E.F.-JOHNSON), 2925(E.F.JOHNSON), 297L007H03, 297V061C07, 29810-174, 29810-177, 2D002, 2D002-168, 2D002-169, 2D002-170, 2D002-171, 2D002-175, 2D002-41, 2N0000, 2N1077, 2N2218AS, 2N2218S, 2N2219AS, 2N2219S, 2N2220, 2N2220A, 2N2221, 2N2221A, 2N-2222, 2N2222, 2N2222/A, 2N2222A, 2N2222B, 2N2331S, 2N2368, 2N2369, 2N2369/46, 2N2369/A, 2N2369A, 2N2432, 2N2483, 2N2484, 2N2501, 2N2504, 2N2509, 2N2510, 2N2511, 2N2539, 2N2540, 2N2586, 2N2645, 2N2651, 2N2924-18, 2N2959S, 2N3009, 2N3011, 2N3013, 2N3014, 2N3115, 2N3116, 2N3123, 2N3227, 2N3241, 2N3241A, 2N3242, 2N3242A, 2N3246, 2N3301, 2N3302, 2N3508, 2N3509, 2N3510, 2N3511, 2N3565, 2N3646, 2N3647, 2N3648, 2N3688, 2N3689, 2N3690, 2N3691, 2N3692, 2N3693, 2N3694, 2N3946, 2N3947, 2N4013, 2N4014, 2N4072, 2N4140, 2N4141, 2N4275 (Minor mechanical difference exists, but device will fit most applications.), 2N4384, 2N4386, 2N4436, 2N4437, 2N4944, 2N4945, 2N4946, 2N4962, 2N4969, 2N4970, 2N5127, 2N5132, 2N5137, 2N5145, 2N5368, 2N5369, 2N5370, 2N5449, 2N5450, 2N5451, 2N6222, 2N702, 2N703, 2N706, 2N706A, 2N706B, 2N706B46, 2N708, 2N708A, 2N716, 2N716A, 2N717, 2N717A, 2N718, 2N718A, 2N731, 2N734, 2N734A, 2N735, 2N735A, 2N736, 2N736A, 2N736B, 2N752, 2N753, 2N756, 2N757, 2N757A, 2N758, 2N759, 2N760, 2N760A, 2N761, 2N762, 2N834, 2N841, 2N843, 2N913, 2N914, 2N914A, 2N915, 2N915A, 2N916, 2N916A, 2N929, 2N929A, 2N930, 2N930A, 2N956, 2N956A, 2N981, 2RC17, 2SC100A, 2SC100B, 2SC100C, 2SC100D, 2SC100E, 2SC100F, 2SC100G, 2SC100GN, 2SC100J, 2SC100L, 2SC100M, 2SC100OR, 2SC100R, 2SC100X, 2SC100Y, 2SC1274, 2SC1375H, 2SC1376H, 2SC1380AGR, 2SC1380GR, 2SC1390F, 2SC1390H, 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48-869070, 48-869096, 48-869110, 48-869136, 48-869144, 48-869199, 48-869245, 48-869299, 48-869323, 48-869357, 48-869366, 48-869377, 48-869378, 48-869390, 48-869418, 48-869453, 48-869532, 48-869675, 497-2598-ND, 497-3106-5-ND, 497-3116-5-ND, 50210300-00-VF, 50210300-00VF, 50210300-01-VF, 50210300-01VF, 50210310-10-VF, 50210310-10VF, 50210800-01-VF, 50210800-01VF, 50210800-02-VF, 50210800-02VF, 50-81402-04, 50T14, 51565600-VF, 51565600VF, 52-020-158-0, 5320852, 5340001(TRANSISTOR), 5611-642(W), 5613-839(H), 561-6800-482, 561-6800-484, 561-6800-495, 561-6800-929, 561-6800-930, 561-6802-221, 561-6802-223, 561-6802-369, 561-6802-484, 561-6802-501, 561-6803-011, 561-6803-013, 561-6803-115, 561-6952-923, 561-6953-020, 561-6953/020, 56-5564, 566-61, 566-66, 566-77, 566-80, 566-84, 567-07, 56A22-1(TRANSISTOR), 56B22-1(TRANSISTOR), 57268-9, 576-0002-027, 57A434-1, 57B265-4, 57B268-4, 57B268-9, 57B434-1, 57C434-1, 57D434-1, 581-1(SYL), 595-1(SYL), 595-2(SYL), 595-3(SYL), 5961-00-336-9367, 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LM-1148, LM1155, LM1540, LM1614D, LM1614M, LM1818, LM1818(ZENITH), LM496N(TRANS), LM566F, M-1002-17-NC, M-1002-17NC, M779, M780, M786, M787, M9002(RED), M9059, M9070, M9096, M9110, M9136, M9144, M9199, M9245, M9299, M9323, M9325, M9357, M9366, M9377, M9378, M9390, M9418, M9453, M9675, MA4102, MM1613, MM1711, MM2484, MM2613, MM2711, MM3903, MM3904, MPS109, MPS65611, MPS94260, MPS943J, MPS943K, MPS9600I, MPS9623D, MPS-9623G, MPS9623G, MPS9626I, MPS96301I, MPS9631S
RCA/Thomson Transistor -
NTE123A and 2N2222A 






$4  Minimum Order


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