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Linear/analog ICs from Harris, RCA, National, TI and others.
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CA3080E Transconductance Amplifier Integrated Circuit
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CA3080E Transconductance Amplifier Integrated Circuit
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CA3080E Transconductance Amplifier Integrated Circuit
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Harris (now Intersil) CA3080E OTA in an 8 pin DIP package.  Date codes 9649 - 1996. For TO-can version (CA3080T), use SK9200 available on our site.

Datasheet for the Harris version here.

RCA Originated the CA3080 - RCA was bought by GE in 1986, and RCA/GE Semiconductor Divisions were spun off by Jack Welch of GE, with most chip fabs going to Harris.  Harris was later bought by Intersil in 1999, and Intersil is now a subsidiary of Renesas.  Renesas continues to host the AN6668.1 CA3080/CA3080A Application Note, word-for-word derived from RCA's ICAN6668 Application Note.





Harris (now Intersil) OTA in an 8 pin DIP package.





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