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  NTE238 NPN Silicon Horizontal Deflection Transistor
Replaces 2SC1172, 2SC1172B, 2SC1308, 2SC1308K, 2SC1895, 2SC1896, 2SC1922, 2SC2027, 2SC2137, 2SC2659, 2SC2659A, 2SC2928, 2SD792S, 2SD792T, 2SD822, 2SD905, BU208, ECG238, GE-259, MJ120004, SJ7133, SK3710 and many other devices
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  SK3710 Horizontal Deflection Output Transistor NPN 1500V  NTE238 Equiv
Item Details
  SK3710 Horizontal Deflection Output Transistor NPN 1500V  NTE238 Equiv
Item Name
SK3710 Horizontal Deflection Output Transistor NPN 1500V NTE238 Equiv
Item #
NTE Equivalent
NTE238 ECG238 238

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NPN Silicon Horizontal  Deflection Transistor, 1500 Volts, 7 Amperes, 50W, in a TO-3 package.   Replaces most TO-3 package Horizontal Deflection Transistors without retrace diodes used in 1970s/1980s/1990s-era CRT Televisions and Monitors.


Replaces:  121-1003, 121-1033, 121-1 (SYL), 121-831, 121-Z9001, 122-1 (MAG), 122-2 (MAG), 122-3 (MAG), 122-4 (MAG), 122-5 (MAG), 122-6 (MAG), 123-1033, 13-3015121-001, 13-3015121-1, 13-3789, 13-43463-1, 13-45539-1, 1417380-3, 1417403-001, 1417403-1, 142689, 145648, 146648, 146823, 148526, 148964, 1854-0969 (HP), 1854-0983 (HP), 189N1, 189N1G, 192N2T, 194N1, 2003064314, 2003117004, 200X3189-408, 203X3189-408, 2149-301-4804, 21A112-036, 21A118-036, 221-1029, 221-1029-01, 23114323, 23114945, 23114962, 260P38101, 2SC1167, 2SC1170, 2SC1170A, 2SC1170 (B), 2SC1170B, 2SC1170BFA-2, 2SC1170C, 2SC1170D, 2SC1170E, 2SC1170F, 2SC1170FA-2, 2SC1170G, 2SC1170GN, 2SC1170H, 2SC1170J, 2SC1170K, 2SC1170L, 2SC1170M, 2SC1170-OR, 2SC1170OR, 2SC1170R, 2SC1170X, 2SC1170Y, 2SC1172, 2SC1172B, 2SC1172C, 2SC1172D, 2SC1172E, 2SC1172F, 2SC1172G, 2SC1172GN, 2SC1172H, 2SC1172J, 2SC1172K, 2SC1172L, 2SC1172M, 2SC1172R, 2SC1172X, 2SC1172Y, 2SC1174. 2SC1174A, 2SC1174B, 2SC1174C, 2SC1174D, 2SC1174E, 2SC1174F, 2SC1174G, 2SC1174GN, 2SC1174H, 2SC1174J, 2SC1174K, 2SC1174L, 2SC1174M, 2SC1174-OR, 2SC1174OR, 2SC1174R, 2SC1174X, 2SC1174Y, 2SC1308. 2SC1308(K), 2SC1308K, 2SC1308L, 2SC1308N, 2SC1358, 2SC1358A, 2SC1358K, 2SC1358K1, 2SC1358K2, 2SC1358K3, 2SC1358L, 2SC1358M, 2SC1358P, 2SC1358Q, 2SC1358R, 2SC1868, 2SC1894, 2SC1894K, 2SC1894N, 2SC1895, 2SC1896, 2SC1922, 2SC2027, 2SC2137, 2SC2659, 2SC2659A, 2SC2928, 2SC2928-01, 2SC3025, 2SC3156, 2SC643, 2SC643A, 2SC643B, 2SC643C, 2SC643D, 2SC643E, 2SC643F, 2SC643G, 2SC643GN, 2SC643H, 2SC643J, 2SC643K, 2SC643L, 2SC643M, 2SC643-OR, 2SC643OR, 2SC643R, 2SC643X, 2SC643Y, 2SC937YL, 2SD1143, 2SD1168, 2SD1183, 2SD1184, 2SD1185, 2SD1186, 2SD1341, 2SD1341P, 2SD299, 2SD299A, 2SD299B, 2SD299C, 2SD299E, 2SD299F, 2SD299G, 2SD299GN, 2SD299H, 2SD299J, 2SD299K, 2SD299M, 2SD299OR, 2SD299R, 2SD299SL, 2SD299(V), 2SD299V, 2SD299X, 2SD299Y, 2SD-348, 2SD348, 2SD368A-D, 2SD368A-E, 2SD380, 2SD380A, 2SD394, 2SD416, 2SD725-06, 2SD792, 2SD792S, 2SD792T, 2SD822, 2SD905, 380-1 (RCA), 3803-8022, 380-3 (RCA), 392-1, 392-1 (MAG), 392-2, 392-2 (MAG), 392-3 (MAG), 392-4 (MAG), 3L4-6020-01, 463-1 (MAG), 463-1 (MAG-TRANS), 463-2 (MAG), 463-2 (MAG-TRANS), 46-86461-3, 46-86461-9, 46-86492-3, 46-86528-3, 46-86557-3, 46-86563-3, 46-866209, 473-1 (MAG), 48-155058, 48-155090, 48-155189, 482213041782, 4835-130-47164, 483513047164, 4835-130-47182, 483513047182, 4835-130-47195, 483513047195, 48-355043, 48M355043, 48S155058, 48S155090, 48X90420A90, 497-2412-ND, 509-1, 509N1, 539-1(SYL), 56-86461-9, 57A263-11, 57A312, 57C263-11, 57D263-11, 610122-3, 610189-1, 610189-2, 610392, 6103920001, 6103920002, 6103920003, 6103920004, 610392-1, 610392-2, 610392-3, 610392-4, 6104630001, 6104630002, 610463-1, 6104631001, 6104631002, 610463-2, 6104730001, 610473-1, 6105090001, 62547, 6621002400, 6621003000, 6621009600, 66F1033, 7380-1 (RCA), 7380-3, 7403-1, 7403-1 (RCA), 86-633-9, 8-729-372-52, 921-411, 921-424, 935-6088, A6317900, A6317901, A6346801, A6865553, BDX32, BU208A, BU500, BUY89, C1172, C1172A, C1172B, C1308, C1308K, C1308N, C1325AK, C1325AL, C1348, C1358L, C1358M, C1894, C1894K, C1894N, C1895, C1896, C189K, C2659, C2659A, C2928 (TRANS), C643, C643A, C937, C937-01, C937A, C937B, C937(BK), C937(YL), C937YL, CGE-79, CXL238, D1143 (TRANS), D1168, D1183 (TRANS), D1184 (TRANS), D1185, D1185 (TRANS), D1186, D1186 (TRANS), D1341, D1341P, D299, D299A, D299B, D299C, D299E, D299F, D299G, D299GN, D299H, D299J, D299K, D299M, D299OR, D299R, D299SL, D299V, D299X, D299Y, D348, D3500, D368A, D368A-D, D368A-E, D380, D380A, D394, D416, D725-06, D792S, D792T, D822, D905, ECG238, EP15X12, GE-259, GESP-1518, GESP-1526, J12005, J241227, LBGL2, MJ12005, NTE238, Q5111, Q5111K, Q5161Z, Q5207, R-2436, REN238, SC1170YG, SJ4401H, SJ7133, ST12005, T2SC1894S, TC30031560, TCG238, TVS2SC1629A, VS2SC1172-/1E, VS2SC1174-/1E, VS2SC1894//1E,

RCA/Thomson SK Replacement Semiconductor, replaces 2SC1172, 2SC1172B, 2SC1308, 2SC1308K, 2SD822 and many other horizontal deflection/output transistors in CRT Televisions and Monitors






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