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        7mm  Adjustable IF Transformers Assortment - 2 Types - Pkg of 6
3 each (6 total) 7mm IF Transformers Assortment
35 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

       10.7MHz  Adjustable IF Transformer
Toko P826RC-5134N=S IF Transformer
4 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

     0.330 - .480nH Variable Unshielded Inductor
400 Nanohenry (Nominal) Adjustable Ferrite core
836 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

    0.071-.082uH Adjustable Inductor
Miller 48A778MPC Variable Inductor
61 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

    0.118-0.157uH Adjustable Inductor
Miller 48A147MPC Variable Inductor
6 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

    0.241-.316uH Adjustable Inductor
Miller 48A257MPC Variable Inductor
Out of Stock

    0.81uH Adjustable 5.5mm Inductor
Toko NE547BNAS-100117 with brass core
346 IN STOCK, ready to ship.

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