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NTE2311 Silicon NPN Transistor - 1000V 15A, High Speed Switch
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NTE2311 Silicon NPN Transistor - 1000V 15A, High Speed Switch
Item Name
NTE2311 Silicon NPN Transistor - 1000V 15A, High Speed Switch
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Replacement Semiconductor, TO-218, NPN Silicon, High Voltage Switch


121-1149, 1854-0780, 1854-0906, 1854-1182, 200165, 2N6931, 2N6932, 2N6933, 2N6934, 2N6935, 2S4424-L-YB, 2SC2626, 2SC2751, 2SC27512, 2SC2751M, 2SC2751N, 2SC2939, 2SC3164, 2SC3220, 2SC3318, 2SC3320, 2SC3336, 2SC3434, 2SC3434L, 2SC3434M, 2SC3435, 2SC3435L, 2SC3435M, 2SC3725, 2SC3833, 2SC3833LF-128, 2SC3874, 2SC3910, 2SC3975, 2SC3976, 2SC4057, 2SC4058, 2SC4059, 2SC4108, 2SC4108-CTV-YB, 2SC4108N, 2SC4138, 2SC4139, 2SC4157, 2SC4276, 2SC4379, 2SC4424-L-YB, 2SC4434, 2SC4582, 2SD1094, 2SD1550, 405-058-4800, 406-004-9702, 40-8900-048, 46-862092-3, 46-862411-3, 497-2544-5-ND, 5322-130-42047, 532213042047, 593-1, 610593, 6105930001, 610593-1, 8-729-962-64, 9335-871-50112, 933587150112, 9336-214-60112, 933621460112, BUF410, BUP21, BUP21A, BUP21B, BUP21C, BUP22, BUP22A, BUP22B, BUP22C, BUP23, BUP23A, BUP23B, BUP23BF, BUP23C, BUP23CF, BUS11A, BUS12A, BUS13A, BUV47, BUV47A, BUV47AF, BUV47AFI, BUV47B, BUV47F, BUV47FI, BUV47I, BUV48, BUV48A, BUV48AF, BUV48AFI, BUV48F, BUV48F1, BUV48Q, BUV48T, BUW13, BUW133, BUW133A, BUW13A, BUW13AF, BUW13F, BUW91, BUW92, BUX33A, BUX47AP, C2626, C2751, C2751M, C2751N, C2939, C3164, C3220, C3318, C3320, C3336, C3434L, C3434M, C3434, C3435L, C3435M, C3435, C3527, C3725, C372, C3833, C3833, C3874, C3910, C3975, C3976, C4057, C4058, C4059, C4059, C4108, C4108N, C4108, C4138, C4139, C4157, C4276, C4379, C4434, C4582, D1094, D1550, D46TQ1, D46TQ2, ECG2311, ET206, GE13070P, GE13071P, KAA11148, KCS5023Y, KSC2749, KSC2751, KSC2751N, KSC2751R, KSC5023, KSC5023-0, KSC5023R, KSC5024, KSC5024-0, KSC5024R, KSC5025, KSC5025-0, KSC5025R, MJ12010, MJH13090, MJH13091, MJH16002, MJH16004, MJH16010, MJH16110, MJW16010, MJW16012, MJW16110, MJW6678, NTE2311, PED7481, PED7491, QTO190Z, QTO268Z, RJH6674, RJH6675, RJH6676, RJH6677, RJH6678, SGSF441, SGSF461, SGSF463, SGSF563, SGSIF441, SGSIF461, SGSIF463, SK9131, SK9131/2311, ST12010, STH13090, STH13091, STH16002, STH16004, STH16010, STH16012, STH16110, T10W40F3, T15W45FX, T8W45FX, TIP33D, TIP33E, TIP33F, TP15W45FX, TP8W45FX

10 IN STOCK, ready to ship.
Replaces 1854-0780, 1854-1219, 2N6931, 2N6932, 2N6933,  2N6934, 2N6935, 2SC2626, 2SC2751, 2SC2939, 2SC3164, 2SC3318, 2SC3320, 2SC3336, MJH13090, MJH13091, MJH16002, MJH16004, MJH16010, MJH16012, MJH16110, MJW16010, MJW16012, MJW16110






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